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Without the need of building mobile apps yourself.

We support iOS, Android, and wearable devices.

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Use cases

☁️ SaaS

Keep your users up to date with real-time events.

🛍️ Ecommerce

Send order status updates. Is it shipped? Let them know.

👥 Team workflow

Send important team events, celebrate the new sales, quickly react to outages.

📡 IoT devices

Get real-time or scheduled alerts from your devices and sensors.

How it works

Just three simple steps:

Your target users install the Wuf mobile app

They provide you with their User Key, generated at sign up

You send them push notifications via HTTP POST 🎉

No mobile development needed.

We developed mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you don't need to deal with mobile development and the app stores review process ✨

Send at the right time

You can send a push notification by making a POST to


    "title": "New report",
    "body": "Don't miss the latest news",
    "emoji": "📈",

What they say about us

Add mobile push notifications
to your products in minutes.

The easiest way to keep your users, you and your team up to date.

Send notifications for free

Mobile notifications made easy

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